Uaw Gm Health Care Agreement

Uaw Gm Health Care Agreement

The UAW GM Health Care Agreement: What You Need to Know

The United Auto Workers (UAW) union and General Motors (GM) have recently reached a new health care agreement that is set to take effect in 2022. The agreement, which covers approximately 350,000 UAW-GM members and their families, aims to provide better health care benefits while also addressing rising health care costs.

Here are some key details about the UAW GM health care agreement:

1. Expanded Coverage: The new agreement expands coverage to include mental health care, chiropractic care, and acupuncture. It also increases the number of physical therapy and occupational therapy visits that are covered each year.

2. Prescription Drug Costs: Under the new agreement, UAW-GM members will have access to a new prescription drug discount program that aims to reduce out-of-pocket costs. The program will also seek to limit price increases for certain high-cost medications.

3. Health Care Costs: The agreement includes a new health care cost-sharing arrangement between UAW members and GM. Members will pay a portion of the cost of their health care coverage, based on their income level. The agreement also establishes a new health care trust fund that will be used to cover future health care costs for UAW retirees.

4. Job Security: The UAW GM health care agreement also includes language aimed at protecting UAW members` jobs. It establishes new mechanisms for addressing plant closings, layoffs, and other workforce reductions that could impact UAW-GM members.

5. Negotiations: The UAW GM health care agreement was reached through collective bargaining between the UAW and GM. Negotiations took several months and involved significant input from UAW members, GM leadership, and outside experts in health care and labor relations.

Overall, the UAW GM health care agreement represents a significant step forward for UAW members and their families. It provides expanded health care coverage, prescription drug discounts, and new cost-sharing arrangements that aim to address rising health care costs. It also includes protections for UAW members` jobs and establishes a new health care trust fund that will help secure health care benefits for future retirees.

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